Arrey Obenson serves as JCI Secretary General and comes to this position after serving as a

JCI World Headquarters team member since February 2002. He has occupied various

positions including Director for Africa and the Middle East, Executive Director for Growth and

Development and Deputy Secretary General.

As Director for Africa and Middle East Obenson grew the organization from 15 countries to 29

countries and doubled the membership in five years. He led the organizations to new frontiers

extending the JCI Philosophy to the Middle East specifically in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

As Executive Director Obenson led the organization through the development and adoption

two strategic plans that reformulated the mission and visions of the organization, developed a

long term strategic positioning over a 30-year period and transformed the focus of the

organization from membership numbers to impact. In leading and implementing strategy

Obenson led the development of the Active Citizen Framework, a concept that is now used in

over 100 countries by thousands of young people to run projects that address societal needs.

As JCI Secretary General, Obenson is the chief administrative officer leading the

implementation of the organization’s overall strategy and supervises a team in accomplishing

the mission of the organization across the world. Obenson also works in collaboration with likeminded

organizations including JCI partners, such as the United Nations and its Agencies, the

International Chamber of Commerce, other non- governmental organizations and multinational


Obenson actively engages actors from all sectors of society – businesses, governments and

the civil society to develop resources that create opportunities to empower young people to

create positive change in their communities. As a firm believer that empowered young people

can find solutions to the world biggest challenges he utilizes forward-thinking concepts like the

JCI Active Citizen Framework, to inspire the realization of the JCI Mission. Obenson is a

motivating and engaging speaker who is frequently invited to speak to audiences of varying

sizes across world. He has spoken and engaged audiences in nearly 100 countries.

In capacity of Secretary General, Obenson has led the creation of the Global Youth

Empowerment Fund, a fund that support the works of young people around the world who are

working to implement the sustainable development, led the global campaign for peace called

the Peace Is Possible Campaign, culminating in and International Summit on Peace. Under his

leadership JCI is now positioned as a global player in implementing the Global Goals for

Sustainable Development Goals.

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