“Man is not only a social animal but also a cultured being. Man's social life has been made possible because of culture. Culture is something that has elevated him from the level of animal to the heights of man. Man cannot survive as man without culture. It represents the entire achievements of mankind.”

"When a person loses sight of who they are, when people face the types of challenges in life that make or break who they are, there is only one way out.The only way out is through. In order to go through into the future, you have to reconnect with your past, and accept the present.There needs to be what they call “continuity”. Without that, people cease to exist in the present and drown in illusions of past and future. This is what is commonly referred to as depression." _ Cognitive Psycologist


ADC, Inc. has a vision to empower and unite the Diaspora through a variety of financial, educational, and cultural initiatives. 

The Cultural Center, when it is finished in four years, will serve as the most concrete manifestation of our Council’s vision. 

 The African Diaspora Cultural Center will be a brewing pot for the ideas, products, and connections that will shape the future of the Diapora and African continent. It will showcase authentic African culture, art, and cuisine, and will host celebrations, meetings, and events to honor our heritage and diversity. 

It will be a venue where our council will continue to serve the community, our members can have candid, free conversations, and our children can learn, play, and grow together.  The African Diaspora Cultural Center will occupy four and a half acres of land and will contain both outdoor and indoor event space. We envision the center playing a vital role in the revitalization of the St. Louis Community. 

We envision the center hosting authentic cultural events as well as high profile international meetings and conferences.  The Cultural Center will serve as ADC’s headquarters. Once the center is built, ADC will move its service operations there. ESL, immigration advocacy and counseling, and health resource referral services will be made available. 

The Center will include a welcome post where guests from around the world can log their names in a guest book, view a selection of authentic art, purchase works by artist of various genres, and have a good time eating real African food. 

We focus, first and foremost on culture because failure to account for cultural stagnation will cost Africans and African Americans dearly in the long run. It is important to pass on the diverse and unique body of African culture to the next generation as Heritage. 

We are  raising fund  to lease the property for the cultural center. Once we have successfully raised the funds, we will immediately move towards construction. The design and planning of the Center is happening right now, and ADC hopes to have a blueprint of the building available to show the public in the coming months.


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