Development interns gain exposure to non-profit operations and assist the African Diaspora Council, Inc. team in marketing, social media, campaign management, education advocacy, community outreach, finance among other roles.

The development internship provides practical business skills and a hands-on experience in operating African Diaspora Council, Inc. Develop interns will be matched with a project leader from African Diaspora Council, Inc., and will collaborate closely together.

Intern projects span the fields of:

Social media: helping us manage @African Diaspora Council, Inc. on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in with engaging and interesting content to engage our followers.

Marketing: working with our marketing team to publicize African Diaspora Council, Inc. -wide campaigns and to increase awareness of our organization.

Public relations: drafting press releases, reaching out to local media, filming African Diaspora Council, Inc. videos, and identifying potential media partners for the organization.

Media/Newsletter: writing articles for our bi-weekly newsletter, along with editorials related to our monthly or quarterly education theme (ex: “mobile technology solutions for education in the developing world” understanding the word “investment or investor in our community”)

Fundraising/events: handling logistics and details for sponsored events, managing the African Diaspora Council, Inc. calendar.

Finance: working with our CFO to prepare our financial statements and budgets.

Chapters’ management: assisting our chapters’ coordinators in supporting the activities for our global chapters, communicating with chapter leaders to discuss progress and next steps, identifying potential new chapters and helping them get started.

Online strategy/analytics: Monitoring our website traffic and measuring the success of our campaigns through Google analytics, helping us improve search engine optimization (SEO)

Campaign management/special projects: assisting with a myriad of African Diaspora Council, Inc. -wide campaigns including number of education, 60 second videos, the launch of our new African Diaspora Council, Inc. product line, and working with the African Diaspora Council, Inc. publishing team, among other activities…

Unlike conventional internship experiences, African Diaspora Council, Inc. interns get real responsibility to lead a project from start to finish and to make their own imprint on our organization, with the full support of their mentor and the African Diaspora Council, Inc. team.