Hello my name is Dorris Drummer. I am an adult education instructor certified to teach adult learners who are native speakers and non-native speakers. I have serviced this community of learners for 8-plus years in the St. Louis, MO. area. It is true that in order to survive, Undereducated adults must master the knowledge and skills of adult basic education. The accomplishments and success in life is determined by the strength of one’s literacy skills as it relates to their personal life and in the workplace.

The Adult Education Program will help to improve your reading, language, and math skills. The training you receive will help provide solutions to problems. Learning takes place best when it is tied to and built upon past experiences. We know the needs and motivations of adult learners, and we are here to help you meet those needs in order to accomplish the goals in your life.

Please take a few minutes to provide feedback about a new learning opportunity for adult learners at the African Diaspora Council (ADC). We are working to create new classes and learning opportunities for adults. We would like your help in determining what might be of interest and what schedule is most appealing. Please share your ideas and assist us by completing this brief online survey. For those of you who don’t have access to online, you may complete a copy version of the survey and turn it in to the African Diaspora Council Center 1425 Ferguson Avenue.

Thank you,

Dorris H. Drummer
Program Coordinator