Research interns help us with managing communications and updates from our partners to our community, identifying high impact grassroots causes to support, and conducting research related to impact evaluation in education.

Responsibilities include:

Potential partner identification: Conducting extensive research through development communities to identify innovative high-impact education NGOs, schools, government agencies, businesses etc… that African Diaspora Council, Inc. should potentially bring into our network.

Editorials for education and secondary research: blogging on African Diaspora Council, Inc. on issues related to access to quality education, investment, writing editorials for our newsletter to inform our donors about impact evaluation, innovative and cost effective education initiatives, and our monthly or quarterly education theme (ex: “educating girls, families, investment, community development”)

Partnership management: Posting student, community news, article and project updates to our website, reaching out to partners to receive scheduled updates and sending them packets of letters from our donors.

Research interns play a critical role in controlling the quality of the updates that we receive for full transparency to our community of donors.