Hands-on experience, real impact

Our volunteers are indispensable to our work and we welcome you to join us in any way that you can. Whether you have 5 minutes a week or 5 hours, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved!

Log on to: African Diaspora Council, Inc. volunteers hours through our dashboard.
Start/join: African Diaspora Council, Inc. chapter in your local community.
Apply to our membership and internship programs.
Hold a fundraiser or make African Diaspora Council, Inc. a portion of proceeds beneficiary.
Join the African Diaspora Council, Inc. team as a volunteer.

Join our community, register as a donor, and start logging your volunteer hours : even if you only have 5 minutes to spare, there’s plenty that you can do!

We strongly believe that small hours and small dollars aggregate in a powerful force of change.

Through your dashboard, you can track your volunteer hours and impact over time:

Interact on social media: Start a conversation with @ADC, Inc. on Facebook and Twitter and invite your friends to follow us!

Spread the word: Share our link with your family and friends and encourage them to register and give to grassroots education causes.

Hold a fundraiser: Plan a fundraiser with friends – every little bit counts! Check out our chapters event calendar for fun ideas

Write a letter: Send one of our students an encouraging letter through our messaging function.

Advocate for education: Check out our reading list for education, read through our editorials for education, watch our YouTube archive of videos. Share what you’ve learned with your friends

Participate in an African Diaspora Council, Inc. campaign: From essay and video contests to holiday challenges, join in on African Diaspora Council, Inc.-wide initiatives

Write a blog post: Draft a blog post related to issues in education philanthropy globally, or your own personal experiences in the field.

Post to your African Diaspora Council, Inc. profile and submit to our newsletter at info@africandiasporacouncil.org.

Other: Be creative! We’re welcome new ideas to help raise funding and awareness for our projects and students

Start/join a African Diaspora Council, Inc. chapter : African Diaspora Council, Inc. chapters are affiliated groups that work closely with our head quarter’s team to make a difference in their local communities.

Often taking the form of school clubs or independent volunteer groups, African Diaspora Council, Inc. chapters recruit volunteers, establish their annual goals, hold fundraising and awareness building events in their local community, and serve as ambassadors of African Diaspora Council, Inc.

Our chapters are core to our strength – we rely on our chapters to raise funding through events, spread awareness about our education causes, brainstorm and execute creative campaigns, and help us connect with more people.

Starting a African Diaspora Council, Inc. chapter is a powerful way to make an impact and inspire your community to act!

Check out our chapters page for more detail and to find a chapter near you!

Apply to our membership and internship programs : African Diaspora Council, Inc. internships provide you hands-on non-profit experience, while a fellowship gives you a chance to travel abroad and interact with our students and families.

Interns work closely with members of the African Diaspora Council, Inc. executive team, and have the opportunity to gain practical skills in public relations, marketing, communications, fundraising, finance, technology, and social media, among other functions.

Given our 100% volunteer philosophy, we give interns a unique opportunity to lead a project and to come up with creative solutions to help us achieve our mission.


For those looking for an experience abroad, our fellows serve as our eyes and ears by visiting our field partners and volunteering in their programs, while helping us collect updates, document impact, and conduct diligence.

Furthermore, our fellows pursue education research and consulting projects and blog about their experiences for our website and newsletter.

Please check out our internships page and membership page for more details about the program, the application progress, and the requirements.

Hold a fundraiser or make African Diaspora Council, Inc. a portion of proceeds beneficiary : Whether you’re about to run a marathon or to hold a gathering for friends, considering adding a social impact dimension by making African Diaspora Council, Inc. a part of your event!

In the past, we’ve had inspiring people and businesses hold events on our behalf, from art & photography exhibitions, fashion night outs, comedy show performances, bake sale proceeds, cruise parties, battle of the bands, and high school service clubs making African Diaspora Council, Inc. the beneficiary of campus fundraisers, among many other activities.

Holding a fundraiser for African Diaspora Council, Inc. or dedicating a portion of your event’s earnings truly reaches communities and family members of the Diaspora communities all over the world.

Check out the fundraising section in our chapters’ event page for various ideas! We’re very happy to help you get started by providing African Diaspora Council, Inc. informational materials and our full marketing/PR support to make your event and campaign a success!

Please reach out to info@africandiasporacouncil.org, and we’ll get in touch with you shortly to discuss how we can help.

Join African Diaspora Council, Inc. as a volunteer : If you’d like a more fully engaged experience with African Diaspora Council, Inc., consider joining our team as a volunteer.

As an ADC, Inc. volunteer, you’ll be integrally involved with our activities, including social media, marketing, blogging and research, event and fundraiser planning, translation, among other activities.

To get started, please send us a cover letter and resume, along with your estimated weekly time availability at info@africandiasporacouncil.org.

As a 100% volunteer organization, we welcome all volunteers of all backgrounds, ages, and experiences, and truly believe that time is one of the most valuable resources anyone can give. From 12 minutes to 120 hours, every minute counts.