Proposed Format for Core State Groups/Chapter/National Reports

    Level of Report:

    Name of State or Chapter

    Period of the Report From to

    Specify Type of Report:

    S.No Description of Activity No. Planned No. Realized % Realization Short Remark
    1 Sensitize State Core member to join PADFCU
    2 Sensitize State Core member to pay $250
    3 Teach PADFCU mission to Core State members
    4 Create a core state membership team of 7; Max 9
    5 Organize the state Executive Committee.
    6 Organize coordination meetings ofthe team
    7 Agree on strategies to have 150 members surveyed by June 2021
    8 Follow strategies for all team members to be active on their goals
    9 Carry out one on one conversations with members
    10 Measure success
    11 Send Biweekly reports to National Coordinator
    12 Hold weekly meetings.
    13 Report attendance at weekly meetings
    14 Report per weekly contacts of potential persons to be surveyed
    15 Have a data base of phone numbers, names,and addresses of members and potential members
    16 Planfollow up contacts to do the survey
    17 Create platforms to involve core members
    18 Create platforms to involve community members
    19 Make all core members administrators to platforms

    SECTION B: Notes and Observations

    In this section the reporter will list the activity, then make some detail notes or observations on low results or high results. How did you get such results? Any information for hierarchy should be mention here.

    SECTION C: Minutes of meetings

    Report whether minutes were sent to hierarch at the end of the meeting or you have attached to the report.

    SECTION D: General Remarks

    SECTION E: Evaluation of members

    In this section give credit to members and report those that need to be dropped or some follow up by hierarchy. You may also propose members here for training if need s are identified and there are resources.

    In this section, any observation, remarks and notes to hierarchy that could not fit in any section can be expressed here.

    State Lead/Chapter Coordinator/National Coordinator Signature: