Police-civilian interaction works well when both parties communicate well with each other. With a language barrier, this becomes very difficult. Such is the case of Nabori, a refugee from Burundi. When a police officer confronted Nabori after he came to the United States, he instinctively reached for his pocket. Years of evading corrupt policemen back home had taught him that his first imperative was to protect what he carried. With limited English skills, Nabori had no way of explaining anything to the officer. He was arrested and taken to jail.

ADC, Inc. first heard of this case through the New City Fellowship in St. Louis. ADC, Inc. arranged a meeting with Nabori’s elderly parents and, with the help of an interpreter, the parents—close to tears at this point–explained the circumstances leading to their son’s arrest and requested ADC’s assistance.

ADC, Inc. contacted the Public Defender who was assigned to Nabori’s case—Ms. Erica Wurst. During the first bond reduction hearing, ADC, Inc. offered to help transport Nabori to and from court, and to monitor his completion of all court services if he was granted bail. The bail was initially denied. Then the bond was set at $30,000. Then, it was reduced to $3,000. On the third hearing, Nadori was granted bail after posting a bond of just $300…all because of Attorney Wurst’s dedicated work and ADC’s cultural knowledge and strong advocacy.

Having secured Nadori’s release, ADC, Inc. continues to advocate for the young man, who dreams of bringing his family, whom he hasn’t seen in six years, to the United States. Through partnerships with Places for People and Family Care Center, ADC, Inc. has helped secure medical and psychological services for Nabori. Nabori is now working on improving his communications skills, and is looking for a job. Once he finds work, he will be a step closer to eventually bringing his family here.

Watch out for updates about Nabori…