The Board of Directors, the Executives of ADC. Inc. agreed to transition the organization from nonmember to a membership organization effective January 2015.

Nonprofit organizations and businesses are not commercially driven, nor do they retain profits. Opening a business and obtaining nonprofit status indicates your willingness to help the community.

Nonprofits can identify themselves as nonmembership or membership corporations or organizations.

Nonprofit organizations function like profit organizations, and board members of both types of organizations make decisions regarding operations, marketing and other business aspects.

 In a membership nonprofit, individuals who support the nonprofit can join the organization as members and become part of the decision-making process.

Nonprofit members can elect and vote for new board members and suggest changes to the nonprofit’s bylaws.

Some nonprofits do not elect members, and this is common in smaller nonprofit organizations.

Operating a nonmembership nonprofit reduces varying opinions and suggestions.

With membership organizations, non-board members who join the organization can voice their feelings on management issues, performance and operations of the nonprofit.

In a nonmembership organization, outside supporters are not involved in the process and board members make all the decisions

Opting for a nonmembership organization might contribute to a smoother decision-making process due to fewer individuals.

 On the other hand, structuring a membership organization and welcoming the opinions and voices of people who support the nonprofit presents the organization in the best light.

This indicates a willingness to hear and accommodate the needs of supporters, and this act can attract additional support.

Our website has been changed to reflect the new format indicating levels of membership and benefit packages.

Watch out for details.