Michael Kodjo Anani

Chair/Founder/ President & CEO

Michael Kodjo Anani is the Founder/ President/ CEO of African Diaspora Council, (ADC) Inc. Kodjo is a dynamic, innovative, and accomplished executive with more than 20 years of history in leadership and business administration. His strong business management and finance background enlighten his obsessional desire and passion for developing a sustainable economic platform in the African Diaspora.

Kodjo held for many years different positions such as director of business development, financial analyst, and project analyst with some of the giant corporations in the USA such as Sheraton Corporation, Au Bon Pain Corporation, Starwood NY Hotels, & Towels. Before leaving Starwood Corporation, Mr. Michael Kodjo Anani, with the support of Sheraton Corporation Human Resources, created the Associate Development Program (ADP) for Sheraton that enhances cross-departmental management training. A program that is designed to promote within the organization. This program became a pilot piece program of Sheraton’s operation till today.

Mr. Michael Kodjo Anani held the director of business development position at the African Chamber of Commerce in New York. Mr. Anani always thinks, strategizes, and executes empowerment opportunities for people at all levels of life.

To fulfill his desire to empower the marginalized African descent and Africans in the diaspora for a bigger change in the African Diaspora community and in the African continent, Mr. Michael Kodjo Anani took five years of his time to research on the topic: “Why is Poverty a chronic disease in the black community that is killing, destroying families, and creating other problems such as unemployment, prostitution, drug abuse, loss of identity, and more? After much research in seventeen states in the United States of America, he found out that the root of black people’s problem is a lack of trust in themselves and a lack of capital.

This research led Mr. Michael Kodjo Anani to the creation of the African Diaspora Council, a vision to empower marginalized African descents and Africans in the diaspora. ADC has two main goals:

  1. Creation of the first African Cultural Center.
  2. Formation of Proposed African Diaspora Federal Credit Union.

Mr. Michael Kodjo Anani attended Monroe College, School of Business Management, in New York. He graduated with a master’s degree in business administration and a finance concentration. a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and an Associate of Science degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Graduate Certificate in Financial Analysis from the Keller, School of Management of DeVry University. Kodjo is also a member of the Peace Group of Belleville.