Dr. Anthony Pokoo-Aikins

Vice President

Dr. Anthony Pokoo-Aikins was born in Ghana where he received his basic education.  He trained and worked as a veterinary technician for a few years before relocating to the United States to further his education. He received his B.S. from Tuskegee University in Alabama and his M.S., and Ph.D. from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in Maryland. Dr. Pokoo-Aikins is a Poultry Scientist, and he has spent over 14 years in various roles in the U.S Poultry industry. He worked at Perdue Farms and held roles in primary breeder research, hatcheries, and technical services. As the Live Research Manager for the technical services department at Perdue Farms, he managed the company’s main research facility and conducted research in poultry nutrition, breed, welfare, management, and meat quality.

Anthony also spent two years at DSM Animal Health & Nutritional company as a Technical Support Manager for North America where he worked closely with poultry industry nutritionists and later as a Technical Solutions Manager for North America where he focused on innovation and research. He has made contributions valued in millions of dollars annually in current broiler breed improvements, such as in feed efficiency and meat yield.  Dr. Anthony Pokoo-Aikins is currently a Research Biologist with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agriculture Research Services’ (ARS’s) Toxicology and Mycotoxin Research Unit at the U.S. National Poultry Research Center in Athens, Georgia.  His current research focuses on mitigating mycotoxin issues in poultry feed.

Dr. Pokoo-Aikins continues to serve as a guest speaker at various events and as a guest lecturer in poultry science at various universities. He is a member of the Poultry Science Association and well known in the poultry industry. He was the recipient of one of Perdue Farm’s Prime Performance awards in 2010 and inducted into the Honor Society of Agriculture in 2018. He is an ordained minister and continues to mentor many.