Proposed African Diaspora Federal Credit Union has a “NO ONE LEFT BEHIND” Approach.

It is composed of anyone who is African or claims African heritage, including African Americans whose ancestors were involved in the Diaspora,and anyone with a general concern for learning about Africa. We even go a step forward and say that anyone with a genuine concern and passion for promoting development in African Diaspora Community is a member of the proposed African Diaspora Credit Union.

We believe that by working together we will be able to leverage the talents and synergies that can transform our community into a strong, vibrant community. Based on demonstrated trust with an eventual goal to establish a credit union for the economic development and revitalization of the African Diaspora community, we can contribute to our own development as One African United Diaspora community and support economic development of the communities and the host community.

The Proposed African Diaspora Federal Credit allow our community to gain control over our cooperative economic destiny, help build global collective financial resources, establish self-initiated profiles for building good credit, start savings accounts to set aside funds for future needs and wants, access to loans for personal, home and business use, craft a strong foundation for community redevelopment, grow and maintain sustained multi-generational wealth, prove to us that we are self-reliant, create tools for financial literacy and empowerment, strengthen trade and commerce for the global African diaspora, exercise independence and autonomy as a people, free ourselves from the bondage of poverty, positively mobilize the inherent value that exists among our families, and harness technology for our mutual benefit.